Saturday, 14 January 2012

With Revolvers Aimed ... Finger Bowls, by Claude Pelieu

With Revolvers Aimed ... Finger Bowls, by Claude Pelieu, published by Beach Books, Texts and Documents, 1967. Translated from French by Mary Beach, presented by William Burroughs. Cover by Norman Mustill.

"I've read a lot (solitude & illness), I cannot quote the stars swollen like live pearls, but the savage weapons, the purest screams, bloody contradictions of those snatched from order cannot rot indefinitely in the oily sheets of  re/actionary offenses - It really is about reaction, the worst blessing - Artaud, Crevel, Riguat, Duprey, Buskirk, Kaufman, Larronde offended people forever - Rimbaud & Lautreamont embracing in the dust - every seer wanders discoloured in the thistle basket of conformity."

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