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Little Tragedies by Howie Good

Little Tragedies by Howie Good is published by Graffiti Kolkata and consists of 22 surreal prose poems. One of them reads as follows:

Exit Visa

I woke up speaking another language. At the store I couldn't make myself understood. The aged stockboy backed away. The girl working the register shrugged. I started home, but cops were beating a man on the corner. It might as well have been the fall of France, or the day Sacco and Vanzetti were executed. The sky was the dismal gray of neglect. A street musician played the same song on his horn over and over. I also kept weeping. The border was near, sometimes in the guise of helpless firemen, sometimes in the guise of helpless fire.

Little Tragedies is available for $4 from Graffiti Kolkata.

With Revolvers Aimed ... Finger Bowls, by Claude Pelieu

With Revolvers Aimed ... Finger Bowls, by Claude Pelieu, published by Beach Books, Texts and Documents, 1967. Translated from French by Mary Beach, presented by William Burroughs. Cover by Norman Mustill.

"I've read a lot (solitude & illness), I cannot quote the stars swollen like live pearls, but the savage weapons, the purest screams, bloody contradictions of those snatched from order cannot rot indefinitely in the oily sheets of  re/actionary offenses - It really is about reaction, the worst blessing - Artaud, Crevel, Riguat, Duprey, Buskirk, Kaufman, Larronde offended people forever - Rimbaud & Lautreamont embracing in the dust - every seer wanders discoloured in the thistle basket of conformity."

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Dye Hard Interview Mxolisi Nyezwa: a new dawn for poetry

Mxolisi Nyezwa was born in 1967 in New Brighton, Port Elizabeth, where he still lives. He is the author of song trials (Gecko, 2000), New Country (University of KwaZulu-Natal Press, 2008) andMalikhanye (Deep South, 2011). His work appeared in the bumper poetry anthology Essential Things(Cosaw, 1992) and has been published in numerous literary journals. He is included in the selection of South African writing, Beauty Came Grovelling Forward, on the US-based literary website Big Bridge. He is the founding editor of Kotaz, a cultural journal....Read the Dye Hard Interview here