Friday, 31 January 2014

Wednesday, 29 January 2014

A short review of Off-ramp, by Catfish McDaris

It was Alfred Hitchcockish, Twighlight Zoneish, with a bit of Beat/Meat. Burroughs, Buk sort of influenced, but definitely your own voice. I liked the ending of the last story, maybe some folks got upset with too much anal, fuck them, you wrote what you felt. I could say this reminded me of French & British films or stories, not American or Hollywood. Some of the endings I might have done differently, but I'm an American & I respect your South African voice. I know you're well read & everything we come across sort of stick in our minds. My favorite story was the guy finding the bomb on the bus.

Provocative flash fiction: a review of Off-ramp by Kyle Allan

"Off-Ramp, by recently appointed New Coin editor and poet Gary Cummiskey, offers a glimpse into everyday reality tinged with vivid hallucinatory possibilities and existential crises, embued with a powerful sense of the absurd. The stories reveal startling and often brutal juxtapositions of desire, violence, and power...."

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Thursday, 23 January 2014

Black flowers

From Journey West (All in August) by Ira Cohen

Published by Cold Turkey Press (France)
and Sea Urchin Editions (Rotterdam), 2013

Ira Cohen, Amsterdam, 1980

Photo: Eddie Woods, supplied by Sea Urchin  Editions, Rotterdam

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L'oeil d'Horus

Check out the excellent blog of French poet and collagist Bruno Sourdin - collages, poetry, essays and interviews.