Sunday, 19 December 2010

Postcard reproduction of Man Ray's Le Violon d' Ingres

And the rains came down: a review of alan finlay's pushing from the riverbank by Gakwi Mashego

I am a fan of Alan Finlay. So the moment his latest instalment of poetry, pushing from the riverbank popped in my mailbox, just six days after publisher Gary Cummiskey shipped it, I had that foreplay anticipation that increases your breath and heartbeat. You know those seconds before you are deflowered...Read more here


Tuesday, 07 December 2010

Tania van Schalkwyk wins the Ingrid Jonker Prize for Poetry 2010

South African poet and artist Tania van Schalkwyk has won the Ingrid Jonker Prise for Poetry 2010 for her debut collection Hyphen, published by Electric Book Works. Her work has also appeared in Green Dragon.