Monday, 19 September 2016

Gail Dendy's Closer Than That still in stock

Dye Hard Press still has copies of Gail Dendy's poetry collection Closer than That in stock.
Gail Dendy is one of South Africa’s most unmistakable and unique literary voices. The singing quality of her poetry soars and swoops, transporting the reader into a world of glittering magical realism. In this book a moon ripens in the window ‘whole and lemony once more’, mothers express longing and love, the sun and moon argue, there are gypsy women, and a fantasy piece with Shakespearean characters. This book is truly alive, presented in language that ‘rings like a gong from here to the far end of the world’.
Cost is R60 per copy, including postage - South Africa only. Email me on to order!

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