Saturday, 04 August 2012

A note from Alan Finlay and Paul Wessels, editors of the donga anthology

it’s been a while… so much has happened… we’ve seen god, we’ve seen the alpha and the omega… paul beat mr death at his own game… so did stacy years later… alan holds out against the city folk… lionel and mark didn’t make it… the mud that caked our ankles has long since crumbled to sand and lies now like mementos of a long forgotten past on our unswept floors… the donga anthology edited by alan finlay and paul wessels will be launched in johannesburg tuesday 7 august 2012 5:30 for 6:00pm de la crème next to bookdealers of melville cnr 7th street and 4th avenue Melville… (cape town launch to be announced) we returned to the dugout a time ago, no sign of the lean-to, the ashes in the fire pit long blown away to reveal the grey earth of countless catfish braais… the wind caressed us, carrying off our tears as we turned to leave that place forever, having now gathered the words…

lionel abrahams
robert berold
lauren beukes
nadine botha
toast coetzer
gary cummiskey
jané dowd
clinton v du plessis
quen emmenes
graeme feltham
richard fox
stacy hardy
august highland
stephen hofstätter
aryan kaganof
chris kraus
bernat kruger
greg latter
arthur mafokate
dawie malan
joan metelerkamp
ike mboneni muila
pravasan pillay
leonhard praeg
lesego rampolokeng
arja salafranca
kelwyn sole
bill stobb
rayno van rooi
ivan vladislavić
paul wessels
stu woolman

apologies to those who do not appear in the anthology. no hard feelings. gary from dye hard and allan from botsotso bankrolled the project and we gratefully squeezed in as much as we could. maybe next time…

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William Stobb said...

I'm excited that this exists! And happy to be part of it. I was really excited to see my work land in donga, and happy the anthology was compiled. Bring back the magazine!