Friday, 17 June 2011


Fourteen Rather Amusing Rambles
by Anton Krueger and Pravasan Pillay

Published by BK Publishing

“But listen to me rambling on! I’m sure you must be dying to rush home to feed your cat.”

Fourteen monologues by creeps, losers and an idiot.

Prepare yourself for a cast of some of the most manipulative, ingratiating, disillusioned, egotistical, inauthentic, spiteful narcissists operating in contemporary SA. Within these pages you will encounter fourteen first-hand shaggy stories told by a rogues gallery of scheming misanthropes whose speeches are full of sound and fury, signifying very little. These hilarious blowhards will make you snigger, cringe and wish your cousin had rather given you Spud 5 for your birthday.

EAN: 9780620504584
Price: R135

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