Thursday, 19 May 2011

Review of Gary Cummiskey's Sky Dreaming - Aryan Kaganof

gary cummiskey was born after a short stint in london in 2009. in that same year he co-opted with sinclair beiles? a collection of titles about the beat poet. it’s intriguing that gary notes high levels of supermarkets in hillbrow as well as his death in 2000 (9 years before the so-called re-birth). gary cummiskey, a midget staring into space, moves on with his legs inspread. he leaps down from buildings into the fire but nobody hears his singing so he drags the terrified, whimpering sinclair beiles? through the hall up to andré gide’s lecture stand where he knocks a glass of papers all over the water. that’s when the cops surround more here

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