Friday, 04 February 2011

Making Love To The Rain by Catfish McDaris, published by Propaganda Press

Making Love To The Rain is the 20th chapbook by US poet Catfish McDaris, and published by Alternating Current imprint, Propaganda Press. A small format collection of poetry and prose, McDaris's work is reminiscent of Charles Bukowski but more sensitive and surreal.

One of the poems is:

Miracles Never Cease

I was reading this book
about a man in Russia
who wrote stories and poems

The KGB came and knocked
him around but didn't kill
him they sent him

To Siberia and stole his
bag containing six onions
then my doorbell rang

There was my aunt
bringing me six onions
and a bottle of vodka.

Making Love to the Rain can be ordered from Alternating Current.

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