Saturday, 16 October 2010

Arja Salafranca's The fire in which we burn available as a free ebook

Arja Salafranca's collection of poems, The fire in which we burn, published by Dye Hard Press in 2000 and now out of print, is available as a free ebook.

Salafranca's first poetry collection, A life stripped of illusions, received the 1994 Sanlam Award for poetry, while a short story, ‘Couple on the Beach’ was a winner of the same award in 1999 for short fiction. She co-edited an anthology of prose and poetry, glass jars among trees, which was published by Jacana Media in 2003. Her debut collection of short stories, The Thin Line, was published by Modjaji Books, in 2010. She has also won the DALRO award for poetry in 2010.

You can download The fire in which we burn as a PDF here


Garima said...

Great collection Gary! Thanks for introducing this poet to me! Cheers!

Lena Vanelslander said...

Thank you! Enjoying her work right now ... impressive.

(p.s. Gloom Cupboard, the litzine, is always open to good non-Western writing provided of an English translation if necessary. I can only mention it for a press like yours and a writer like Arja!)

Lena Vanelslander
Editor-in-chief Gloom Cupboard