Wednesday, 09 January 2008

Romancing the dead

The meeting takes place at Unit 305 at 2am. It’s a funeral ceremony and all the sleeping relatives sit on the floor of the bedroom around the bed where the corpse is laid. Once the sleepers have been given the pills to swallow, this will allow them to communicate with the dead who will feel their bodies rejuvenating and may even emerge from their winding sheets and float up to the ceiling.

An area of concern is that the pills may cause the sleepers’ minds to drift onto other matters, when they should be focused on the newly departed. Also, in some rare cases, the pills are known to cause the sleepers to start spouting what they consider to be beautiful lines of poetry but which sound like the trumpets of hell to the dead, terrifying them into remaining laid where they are and closed off to any contact.

It is also important not to draw attention from the police about this newly discovered but actually very ancient operation. A few years ago, the police did hear rumours of such activities, but getting their facts mixed up, tried instead to create a homunculus.

There is also the fear that policemen allowed access to the ceremony may take advantage of the situation and sodomise one or even several sleepers.

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