Sunday, 02 December 2007

New Coin Volume 43 No's 1 & 2 are out soon

"Would you believe I am a bird and the sky is wide.

"Would you believe I am a bat and my shadow is longer
than night. That during the day I am a star behind the light.

"Would you believe that my lungs were halved with fright,
that I am barely alive, that trees breathe for me, that I can
be quiet and small, that really these eyes are scabbed over
and afraid to see."
(Kelly Dyer, extract from ‘Hear me’)

"my father, i will have hunted you down
in the rubble you left behind. you will no doubt see, the scythe
i bear, to hatchet
in the gardens of your scars, your
rooms with crucified picture frames. "
(Khulile Nxumalo, extract from ‘vote of thanks’)

"…two plainclothes detectives gripped me from
behind and started dragging me to the police station, my heels leaving
When we got there, they pushed me into a chair in the charge office
and proceeded to jab me in the face"
(Graeme Feltham, extract from ‘Detainment 1’)

New Coin, Volume 43, No 1 – June 2007 Kelwyn Sole, Véronique Tadjo, Leon Satz, Gary Cummiskey, Richard Fox, Abbey Khambule, Graeme Feltham, Joop Bakkes, Daniel Browde, Tim Ngqungwana, Haidee Kruger, with translations from the Turkish by Ilyas Tunç. Interview: Sinclair Beiles (interviewed by Gary Cummiskey).

New Coin, Volume 43, No 2 – December 2007 Kelly Dyer, Kobus Moolman, Robert Berold, Khulile Nxumalo, Bernat Kruger, Wangu Ike Muila, MF Bopape, Joan Metelerkamp, Vonani Bila. Interview: Charl-Pierre Naudé.

To order copies or to subscribe, Please write to Carol Leff ( at the Institute for the Study of English in Africa for details.

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