Tuesday, 18 September 2007

Tribute to Jim Morrison

One of the most highly recommended websites
devoted to contemporary South African Poetry
is Southern Rain Poetry. It is run by Joop Bersee,
who has his own poetry website, Joop Bersee,
which deserves equal attention. Bersee sometimes
writes tribute collections of poems devoted to a
particular person, such as Jackson Pollock, Elvis
Presley, Andy Warhol or Francis Bacon. One of
his most fascinating tribute collections is to Jim
Morrison, poet and lead singer of The Doors.
Two short poems of Bersee's devoted to Mr Mojo Risin' are as follows:


Waiting to follow
The stange fields.

A hand full of coffin.

The globe spun in its writing,
A blue face.

And the story of the wind,
Dreaming faces,

Breathing on.


The hunt had started,
The great search.

Forty years in the wilderness,
Step towards shamanism,

His body close to the birds.

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